Good Bye Windows Phone !

Trytry till you succeed, but that is not the case with Microsoft Windows Phone it has had enough of it. I remember being a big fan of Samsung OMNIA series but today, Microsoft is officially ending support for Windows Phone 8.1, the most popular version of its mobile operating system which was announced at the Build 2014 Conference in San Francisco on April 2.

We have seen BlackBerry giving up BBOS, Mozilla killed Firefox OS  and now Windows Phone, Seems like nobody wants to fight with Android and iOS.


As we know  several popular apps like WhatsApp moved away from several versions of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Evernote removed its app from the Windows Phone Store too and finally Microsoft has confirmed on its support page that the company will no longer support Windows Phone 8.1 from 11th July 2017.

Windows 10 Mobile will be supported for the time being by Microsoft, currently it covers only 20 per cent of the handsets currently running Windows.

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