Watch the Apple launch event on a Windows PC


Apple’s iPhone 7 launch is scheduled to begin at 10.30pm IST. Apple has now made watching its livestreams on Windows PCs easier , all you need to have is a Windows 10, and you can use Microsoft’s Edge web browser to view the livestream from Apple’s webpage for its September 2016 event, but what if you dont have Windows 10 ? so this method is little complex. This method involves VLC media player.

On the top-left corner of VLC Media Player click Media, then Open Network Stream. You’ll then need to enter in the network URL of the stream. You can use below url – “” or

This also works if you have an Android; you can download a VLC player for Android on the Play Store.

Note: If you try to open these early, they may show an old keynote or not work at all, according to the Reddit thread

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