How Nasa Is Using Microsoft’s HoloLens (Video) NASA and Microsoft were teaming up to build Sidekick a year ago, a project that uses HoloLens to let astronauts and scientists collaborate remotely, as well as visualize 3D schematics. Now we’ve finally got a closer look at Sidekick in action thanks to NASA’s Jeff Norris. At the Vision Summit 2016, Jeff Norris, Mission Operations Innovation Lead at Nasa JPL shared the number of fascinating things like: “A scientist could now utilise a HoloLens and experience the Martian surface as if he or she was actually on Mars”

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see NASA and Microsoft engineers tested Project Sidekick and the Microsoft HoloLens aboard NASA’s Weightless Wonder C9 jet to ensure they function as expected in free-fall in advance of their delivery to the microgravity environment of the space station.

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how long after dating do you make it official “I am inspired by the potential of virtual and augmented reality to take us to places limited only by our imagination. At Nasa, we are also excited by the potential of this new medium to take us to new places that are no less fantastic. […] What if a scientist could stand on Mars without leaving his or her office? They could explore the Martian landscape using the same skills that they developed as a geologist on Earth.”

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binary options leverage “We could bring them together with their colleagues around the world within the environment that they are exploring. What if we could put a person inside the body of a robot and let them control as naturally as they control their own body?” he asked. “We can extend our reach into hazardous environments and control our machine more effectively than ever before.”

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